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  Q & A

  1. Listing of Items

    1. How to find an Item
    2. How to contact listing Advertisers
    3. How to list Items
    4. Preparing picture files
    5. How to update Listing and Advertisement information

  2. Change of Information

    1. How to change E-Mail Addresses
    2. How to change Password
    3. How to change Mailing address
    4. How to unsubscribe member newsletter

  3. Credit Information         

    1. How to see my Labmakers Credit history
    2. How to purchase Credits

  4. Labmakers Contact information.

    1. Contact Marketing staff
    2. Contact Administrative Service staff.
    3. Contact Technical Service staff.
    4. Send comments and suggestions.

  5. Specifications/Blue Book (Spec/Blue) Values               
    1. Checking Pricing & Specs(Descriptions)

  6. Auction Process
    1. How do I List item
    2. How do I Bid
    3. What’s Buy Price

Finding Items using ‘Search’ page or ‘Equipment Category’ page

Search Page Method: 

The Search page requires you to type in your request. 
You may then view the details of the listed item, then send email directly to the advertiser, using the email block provided on the page. Remember, to advertise, you must REGISTER

Equipment Category’ Method:
    Labmakers.com lists all equipment on the ‘Equipment Category’ page. Equipment is listed categorically and is linked to its ‘details’ page. Types of advertisements include Auction (A), Sale (S), Wanted (W) and Donations (D). Each equipment item under the ‘Title’ field is further linked to its ‘details’ page.

    As a labmakers.com member, you can view the details of a listed item and send email directly to the advertiser using the email block provided on the page.

    In order to advertise, you must REGISTER:

    1.  Click Product Index on the left menu.
    2.  Click on your desired equipment.
    3.  Click the item of your choice from the Title field
    4.  If you are a purchaser, contact your advertiser via e-mail.
Contact listing advertisers

    Listing advertisers may be manufacturers, dealers, or end users of ‘Auction’, ‘Sale’, ‘Wanted’, or ‘Announcement’ items. Advertisers gain their right to use the Labmakers.com as a marketplace by purchasing credits (purchase credits)

    Generally, you can contact listing advertisers through the actual equipment items or by choosing the type of advertisement from the menu bar. Some advertisers may provide phone numbers as well.

Listing Items                               

    If you wish to auction, sell, or announce something on Labmakers.com, you must first register. Advertisers may be manufacturers, dealers, or end users.

    There are four (4) types of listings:

    Auction: Items are sold in a competitive bidding process. (See more details in  User Agreement  and Auction Process)
    For Sale Ad: Items are offered for outright sale by the advertisers. Buyers contact the advertiser via e-mail. 
    Wanted Ad: If you are in search of specific equipment not currently listed, post your requirements free of charge in the Wanted section. Banner ads may be used for the same purpose, for higher visibility. 
    Donations: List items that you wish to give away here. There is no charge for this Labmakers.com service.

    1. On the top of the page,  click <<Register>> button
    2. Complete the registration form and Submit
    3. Click <<Submit Items>> from the left menu
    4. Click desired ad type of your listing.

Preparing picture files          

    If you have a Photoshop or other image editing software, please use them to edit your images instead of your digital camera software. 

    How to save images for Internet.

    Picture resolution, size and format are 3 major elements that deal with image size.
    For Internet use, you set your picture resolution for 74 pixels which is the best resolution displays on the computer monitors. Since we have an enlarged image page, your picture size could be as large as width 1800 and more. However, standard picture size that we recommend is width 500. We use the JPEG format because it saves images in a small file size when an image has many colors. When you save your picture, you can select JPEG format. Check SAVE A COPY from the file menu if you can't find the JPEG format option when you save the file in the software you are using.

    How to save images in JPEG format
    We use the JPEG format because it saves images in a small file size when an image has many colors.

    • When you save your picture, you can select JPEG format. Check SAVE A COPY from the file menu if you can't find the JPEG format option when you save the file in the software you are using.
    How to check the size of an image file.
    The file size of your image has to be under 200k.
    1. PC - From your Windows Explorer or Windows NT Explorer, you can see the size of all your files. If you cannot see the size, click on the View menu on the top of your Windows Explorer and mark Details. (Note that the file size reported by PhotoShop is always larger than the actual file size.)
    2. Mac - The file sizes reported by your Mac are always larger than actual size, even those reported from the Get Info on File menu. The only way to check the real size is save the files on a floppy diskette and check from the floppy diskette.

    You don't have to check all the file sizes. If you succeed in making several images under 200k, use the same method to save your other images. If the size of your image is bigger than 200k, the database will give you an error message when you upload the file.

    You still have a problem with uploading your images, please email our tech support with your Ad number and picture files. We will upload pictures for you.

Updating list and Ad information         

    Advertisers who have listed items can always go back and modify their profiles and listings.
    (Please note that you can't change your auction Ad after bidding start.)
    1. This process assumes that you have already registered and you are currently a member of labmakers.
    2. Scroll down and click <<Log In>>
    3. After the Log In, Click <<My Listings>> on the left menu
    4. Click desired Ad from the listing
    5. Under the Ad Title of the table, choose <<Modify>> <<Close>> or <<Delete>>
    6. Modify the information

Checking Pricing & Specs (Descriptions):

    There are significant commercial benefits for a dealer to be known as a source of accurate information. Buyers trust accurate written specs and price information and buy from parties who have the technical know-how to provide them. As labmakers.com increases its membership, its database will grow richer in detail and deeper in coverage. 

    If you are a dealer or a manufacturer, you are encouraged to participate in this advantage. Simply provide thorough and accurate information, and advertise your company's expertise on the equipment with a company banner on the same page. You will benefit from increased visibility and customer contacts. 

Auction /Lising Items

    1. Register 
    2. Click <<labmakers Auction Ad>>  
    3. Click the item you want to Auction  
    4. Follow the steps as indicated in each page 
    1. Register
    2. Click <<Auction>>
    3. Click the item you want to bid from title heading of the page.
    4. Enter the “Your Bid Amount" and “Your Password"

Buy Price

    The ‘Buy Price’ represents your maximum bid amount, which will automatically terminate your participation in a given auction once it is surpassed.

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