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Q & A
1 Q: We are interested in the AO microscope #LN10145, is it still available and what are the terms for payment?
A: We do not deal with any Ad directly. You may ask questions to the advertiser(s)   regarding the item(s) that you are interested. The advertiser (donator) will then reply back to you via e-mail or telephone.
2 Q: please give me a call about , starting to put listing on your site .
A: If you want us to upload your items on our site, we can provide the service. Just send us your inventory list to contact@labmakers.com. Please include, product name, category, description(s) and a picture(s) of each product.  Just let me know how I can help you out.
3 Q: I can't find any contact information for the item n LN10143. How can I deal with them if I can't join them ? Have you any information or tip to solve the problem ?
A: Please use our 'send message' window on the item page. Many people prefer to communicate through emails.
4 Q: I would like to advertise my company's banner on your web page.
A: Per your request contained in your e-mail, our marketing department is seriously considering the posting of your company's banner on our website. Before we can make a decision, we would like to know a little bit about your company. Please contact our advertising team. We will contact you right away.
5 Q: may I ask you what does it mean Current credit: 100 ? Thank in advance.
A: All registrants are given free & complimentary 100 credits by labmakers.com for registering. While the credits are not redeemable in cash, they are worth $1,000 on our website in terms of being able to list advertisements. The credits expire soon so hurry and make your advertisements: You can list wanted ads, sale ads, auction ads, job wanted ads, job available ads, conference ads, or book exchange ads.
6 Q: We would very much like to obtain several donated items from your Ad. Would you please let me know whom should I contact with for this matter.
A: You can contact Donation advertisers by sending email. Email box is provided at the bottom of each donated item. You can simply write the content in the box and click send button.
7. Q: Please unsubscribe me from your mailing list. Please don not send any further emails of any kind.
A: To unsubscribe from the labmakers newsletter, complete the following instructions.
1) go into www.labmakers.com
2) click on the "My labmakers" icon on the top menu bar.
3) click on "Update User Information" icon
4) fill in the "no" bubble on the last question stating whether you would like to subscribe to our newsletter 
8. Q: I would like to find a correlator for Zetasuzer 3 from Malvern, how can I get information?
A: You can use our "Wanted Ad" to advertise the fact that you want to find a correlator for Zetasuzer. Please go to "Submit an Ad" on the left menu and follow instructions.
9. Q: I don't know if it's a big deal...but I just registered and must have had my left hand on the wrong keys...I'm registered under Susan L. Esyrtd instead of Susan Waters (which is my name.) If it's important, change it. If not. Don't.
A: To modify your member information, go to "My account" on the left and click "Update user information" and edit your information.
10 Q: How do I rerun ad already placed? Don't want to redo again.
A: You can rerun your ad at "My labmakers" menu.
Under the "Ad modification", click "Closed Ads".
Then click "Re-Submit" link at the right side of the item you want.
If you have any question, feel free to contact us any time. 
11 Q: I am interested in the laboratory cabinets that you have. We need approximately 100 linear feet. Are there cabinets that are still available? And are they in good to excellent condition? Thank you for your prompt reply.
A: You can find the listings of  cabinets on labamkers.com by doing the following:
1. Use our search page (enter the keyword "cabinet") to locate items.
2. If you can't get any result from our item search, please post a wanted ad on labmakers.
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