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LM1894: $2500 LM1893: $150 LM1754: $1500 LM1892: $950
PE-ABI GENEPURE 341 Nucleic Acid Purification Spectronic-20 Spectrophotometer Tecan MegaFlex Robotic Workstation Coulter ZM Particle Analyzer
Do you have surplus Lab Equipment that only takes up precious lab or storage space? Thousands of potential customers are only a mouse click away and your items as good as sold at labmakers.com. turn your lab surplus into cash using labmakers.
Use the fast and easy way to buy and sell lab surplus! Check labmakers.com online auctions for the best price in used laboratory equipment. Auction items include bio-tech, chemistry, environmental, pharmaceutical and clinical lab equipment.
Are you looking for specific laboratory equipment? Just list your request on labmakers.com for someone in the research community to see. Before long, Someone should be contacting you with the item you are looking for.
The research community need your help. Labmakers.com helps you place equipment donation with researchers who need them. Current donation items include a centrifuge, HPLC spectrometer, CO2 incubator, Hood and manuals.
 For Sale listing: LM1637
 For Sale listing: LM1519
Hitachi F-4500  Spectrophotometer
HP 1050 HPLC system
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